What Equipment Should You Invest into Film Makeup Tutorials

What Equipment Should You Invest into Film Makeup Tutorials

If you want to start a video blog on YouTube, or vlog, you better have the right equipment. You’ll need to invest a bit in order to run a successful video blog about makeup tutorials. Your smartphone will never be good enough to do the technical requirement of good shots and lighting. Camcorders can also do video recording but they don’t produce clear images. They cannot be adjusted to suit low-light scenarios.  They cannot accomplish the effect of blurred background essential in makeup video tutorial.

In comparison, videos shot using camcorders feels like you’re watching TV whereas, with DSLR, it feels like you are watching a movie. DSLR is what you need for your YouTube film makeup tutorials.

There are several reasons why DSLRs are your perfect investment. First, they produce the best quality for both photos and videos.  Its high-quality sensor takes care of giving you better color and image resolution. They can adapt to interchangeable lenses and manual settings necessary for white balance and exposure.

Don’t just get any DSLR camera you find in the store. Most makeup artists recommend Canon T3i. This model is now updated to Canon T5i model which produces better images because of improved megapixels and auto-focus for videos. The price slightly dropped as well. Video production companies, always invest in the best camera equipment and proper lighting equipment. If you’re serious about starting a lucrative makeup tutorial channel on Youtube, then it is better to invest in a good camera and in great lighting equipment.

After choosing the right camera, your next concern should be the lighting.  Those who have makeup tutorial videos in YouTube recommend the Neewer Camera Photo/Video 18″Outer 14″Inner Flash Light. This is a ring light perfect for taking videos for makeup tutorials.  This is a budget-friendly option that is good enough to take care of your lighting concerns.

This lighting equipment comes with a carrying bag. One downside of this equipment is that it isn’t dimmable. If you need to tone down the lighting, you need to buy a diffuser (neutral density gel is good enough).  It might be an inconvenience but considering its cheaper price, it is all worth it.